Mitsubishi / Body Panels Mitsubishi / Body Panels Mitsubishi EVO V / VI Standrard Aluminium Bonnet $475 ( Due to damage) Slight damage to back RHS tip 72632144 Set CP9A STD Rear flares SOLD 185710064 EVO V / VI RHS White Aluminium Guard Assy Good Condition $400 ( 2 in stock) C # 218 193958675 EVO V / VI Factory Aluminium bonnet Assy Very hard to come by in good condition Complete Bonnet assy with all the grilles/vents etc $ SOLD 157029976 EVO CP9A Black Boott Assy and Rear Garnishes EVO VI Black boot lid With garnishes $355 139057093 EVO VI CP9A Boot & Wing EVO VI CP9A White Boot lid with factory Adjustable wing and badge Hard to come by $575 or Wing Only $455 190878139 EVO V / VI RHS Black Aluminium Guard Assy Good Condition $400 C # ?? 193958678 EVO IV LHS Front Guard Genuine EVO IV Front Guard . Price $155 Have RHS also now in stock 56820004 EVO IV RHS Silver Guard Assy RHS EVO IV Guard Good condition $155 or Both LHS & RHS $300 C9 # 147 193958680