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July 2009 

Hi all 
  Well the time has come for me to go out on my own and start up a business of supplying new and used parts for the Toyota AE86 & Mitsubishi EVO’s. These will be my specialising area but can get parts for other Japanese makes
also, just ask.

The main reason behind these two models is that I have had AE86's for over 15 yrs now; I am also the proud owner of one of my other desired cars for many year the Tommi Makenin EVO 6.5. 
Please note that this is a second job for me as my every day job is as an Aircraft Engineer.

I originally just started out importing parts about 2 years ago for myself for my own cars as required, but realised a need for the supply of those hard to get items for other people. So I then started to bring parts in for them also. 
I hope that I will be able to supply you with some of those hard to get items for your AE86 & EVO / Lancer, along with other Japanese makes. 
I currently have an agent in Japan who is looking after stuff from that end for me and is capable of sending via either EMS (Sea or Air) / FCL & 20FT / 40 FT containers. I now have my second container on its way which is a 40Ft. 
I have the ability to import anything from the smallest of parts right up to certain cars if you desire.                                                                               
I have access to Yahoo Auctions Japan with direct bidding by myself.  I have access to all the major manufactures parts and also most after market parts from within Japan. 
I hope I can be of assistance with your specialized parts in the future and I am from the upbringing of doing things as soon as possible and on time. 
I am importing parts for Toyota's, mainly AE86 and Mitsubishi EVO's 4 thru to 9. 
I hope that JUST JDM IMPORTS can be a place of great parts and service to you all. 
I am available most hours of the day, if there is no answer please leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP or just send us an email with your inquiry.
Craig Foster





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