Toyota AE86 Lights /Head /Tail /Parkers /Fogs Toyota AE86 Lights /Head /Tail /Parkers /Fogs AE86 Trueno JDM Zenki Indicators AE86 Zenki Trueno Guard indicators Price $ 85 Pr 1 Set Sold 58699886 Toyota AE86 JDM Zenki LEVIN 2dr Coupe Tail Lights AE86 Zenki JDM LEVIN 2dr Coupe / Boot Back Tail Lights Will also fit the Zenki TRUENO 2 Dr coupe but these are the lighter type as the Trueno are the darker type. Price $225 pr 58699889 Brand New Kouki TRUENO Brand New ( 1 set left ) $350 pr 196616901 RHS Kouki Parkers Second Hand From $145 bare no loom From $165 with loom ( 1 in stock ATM ) 72631365 White Fog Lights ## SOLD ## Come in White or Yellow, White shown in pic 72631369 AE86 3Dr Whiteline Tail Lights Set Lights ,Centre Pannel & Lamps Only From $. SOLD 90547072 AE86 3dr Whiteline Cntr Panne; White Line Center $155 Number plate lamps extra $85 pr or $65 if brought with centre 116977802 AE86 LEVIN Kouki Bumper Bar Indicator Assys Complete LHS & RHS Assemblys NEW $200 pr 116977817 AE86 RHS BRAND NEW Kouki LEVIN Parker Light BRAND NEW GENUINE not Copies $200 ea No wiring Included 116978411 AE86 LHS BRAND NEW Kouki LEVIN Parker Light Discontinued NOW No Wiring Included Nil Stock all SOLD OUT 116978410 AE86 LHS Zenki / ADM Headlight Assy SOLD 116978544 Rear Number Plate Lights 3Dr Secondhand $ 85 pr 157029422 New Zenki Parkers ## SOLD ## LHS Discontinued NOW 157029423 Levin Fog Light Brackets $95 pr SOLD 157029425 AE86 UK Spec Lotus Tail Lights $ ## SOLD ## 171702697 AE86 RHS Kouki Trueno Indictaor Good second hand $65 ea or$100 pr 171702722 AE86 LHS Kouki Trueno Indictaor Good second hand $65 ea or$100 pr 171702723 AE86 Kouki Trueno Indictors NEW Brand NEW Toyota SOLD 171702851 Ae86 Kouki Levin Headlights & Yellow Fogs $ ## SOLD ## 171702871 Brand New Kouki Levin RHS SOLD 196616929 Brand New Kouki Levin LHS SOLD 196616930 New Levin & Trueno Light Switches NEW Levin $175 NEW Trueno $185. ( Nil STOCK ) 185708157 White Line Tail Lights Set with Centre $ SOLD Number plate lamps extra $85 pr 196616934 AE86 REDLINE NEW Tail Lights ## SOLD ## HAVE 1 LHS NEW in stock $325 196616962 2dr Coupe Rear centre Garnish n Lamps Comes with the number plate lamps $185 204543415